Before you go

Everything you need to do to prepare for your assignment

Pre-departure activities

There will be several time-sensitive pre-departure activities and compliance checks to complete before you go on assignment.

Activities during this stage can take up to 12 weeks and are often reliant upon medical clearance and obtaining visas (details will be available in your volunteer portal).

Update personal details

Enter details of your nearest airport into your online portal. This will be used to book flights to the pre-departure briefing and your assignment.

Enter your bank account details. This is used to pay allowances and reimburse any eligible expenses.

Obtain dental and medical clearances

Obtain your dental and medical clearances as soon as possible as these are often required to submit your visa application.

Requirements and time frames to complete this stage will depend on your individual circumstances.

Obtain entry visa

Learn about the visa requirements and submit your visa application with the required documentation to the appropriate consulate or embassy.

Visa processing times will vary depending on the country of application and can change at any time.

Complete pre-departure learning

Complete online learning and attend a three day pre-departure briefing in Melbourne. Completion of learning is a mandatory requirement.

Confirmation letter and travel to assignment

Once written confirmation of your acceptance on the program is received, your flight tickets will be booked. Note that flights cannot be booked until all of the above steps have been completed.

Other things to consider at this stage:

  • Tie up loose ends at home
  • Ensure financial obligations can be met while you are away
  • Start to think about your self care while on assignment 
  • Have patience and flexibility as this stage can take some time

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