Volunteering in Solomon Islands

Located just three hours north-east of Brisbane, Solomon Islands is an archipelago of nearly 1,000 tropical islands and atolls.

Bjorn Svensson with Tobias Sandakabatu, staff of Solomon Islands Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in North West Guadalcanal.
Dr Rangi De Silva and with Dr Leanne Panisi at National Referral Hospital in Honiara.
Joanna Cairney showing rehabilitation hand exercises to Edwin Same in Honiara.

The rugged natural beauty and stunning coastal environment of Solomon Islands is spread across more than 900 islands. The remote and geographically-dispersed population creates development challenges, and most Solomon Islanders’ live rurally and make a living from subsistence farming and fishing. 

The Solomon Islands-Australia Aid Partnership was signed in 2017 and established a shared vision of development cooperation to reduce poverty and support sustained and inclusive economic growth.

Australian volunteers play a vital role in supporting Solomon Islands and the country has been hosting volunteers since 1964. Volunteer assignments focus on a range of development issues, such as health, sustained economic growth, education, governance, and family protection.