Volunteering in Palau

A tiny island nation, Palau is a tightly-clustered archipelago of 340 picturesque islands east of the Philippines.

As part of its aid program in the North Pacific, Australia contributes to the economic and human development of Palau. Australian government-funded volunteers play an important role in this process. The program aims to improve information and communications technology support and enhance women’s empowerment.

The Australian Volunteers Program is guided by the Australian Government’s Aid Investment Plan for Palau as well as retaining the flexibility to respond to emerging priorities.

Volunteer assignments focus on a range of development issues including developing reliable internet services, working towards women’s economic empowerment and disaster risk management.

View from Koror Island Palau
View from Koror Island, Palau.
A woman working in Palau.
Centre of town Koror Island Palau
Centre of town, Koror Island, Palau.