Volunteering in Fiji

Spanning 330 islands, Fiji is known for its rugged environment, beautiful beaches and welcoming people.

Fiji is a second home for hundreds of Australian volunteers

Formed by volcanic activity some 150 million years ago, Fiji is home to over 330 islands and is one of the few nations to have three official languages: Fijian, Fiji-Hindi and English. 

In recent decades, Fiji has taken huge strides forward in economic and social development, and is working hard to address the challenges like climate change, governance and natural disasters.

As an Australian volunteer, you can support communities across Fiji to build economic, environmental and social resilience. 

Australia and Fiji have an enduring relationship, underpinned by strong people-to-people links and longstanding trade and investment ties. Since 1967, Australian Government-funded volunteers have worked with organisations across Fiji to support capacity development.

Meet the team! Karalaini, Tokasa and Una manage the Australian Volunteers Program in Fiji. Photo: Darren James.
Australian volunteer Sophia supports the team at Animals Fiji. Photo: Darren James.
Australian volunteer, Ian working with Pacific Islands Rainforest Foundation to institute sustainable farming practices. Photo Darren James
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Lai and Kenneth both work with Basketball Fiji. Australian volunteers have supported their work for a number of years. Photo: Darren James.
Asaeli, Conservation Officer at Cakaudrove Provincial Council, and Australian volunteer, Leigh. Photo: Darren James.

Learn more about the Fiji-Australia Vuvale Partnership

The ‘Fiji-Australia Vuvale Partnership’ is a comprehensive agreement that aspires for deeper security, economic and people-to people links between Fiji and Australia.

Learn more.

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