Our volunteers

Our volunteers

New experiences, friendships and skills

We encourage professional and personal growth in our volunteers, who form networks and friendships in their overseas communities.

Australian volunteers contribute unique experiences and ideas to their volunteer assignments and the communities where they live and work. They help develop skills and expertise within their partner organisation so partners are better equipped to achieve their own development goals.

At the same time, volunteers form meaningful and long-lasting friendships. They gain a deeper understanding of how to work across cultures, and have opportunities develop new skills and gain unique experience while on assignment.

San San left and Australian volunteer Kristina at their local train station in Yangon Myanmar. Both are working to improve physiotherapy for the Eden Centre for Disabled Children
Australian volunteer Kristina (left) and San San at their local train station in Yangon, Myanmar. They are working to improve physiotherapy at the Eden Centre for Disabled Children
Duncan Snedden is in Kiribati working in a biosecurity role at the Ministry of Agriculture
Australian volunteer Duncan Snedden is helping to strengthen biosecurity in Kiribati through his assignment with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Diverse range of skills and experience

A broad range of skills are needed to contribute to sustainable development in the Indo-Pacific region. Volunteers can work in a range of sectors, including:

  • Business services
  • Community and social development
  • Health
  • Science
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Skilled trades
  • Education and training
  • Media and arts

How we support volunteers

The Australian Volunteers Program supports volunteers with:

  • Return airfares and relevant visas
  • Comprehensive insurance, medical assessments and vaccinations
  • Pre-departure briefings, in-country orientation and language training
  • Security information and access to 24-hour emergency support
  • Living and accommodation allowances
  • Financial support for partners and children (on longer assignments)
  • Debriefing and financial support on return to Australia

Read more about the program in our PDF brochure 
The Australian Volunteers Program brochure 1.3 MB