Our approach

The power of partnerships

The Australian Volunteers Program provides a unique opportunity for skilled Australians and Australian organisations to work with partner organisations overseas.

We are committed to developing strong, collaborative and sustainable partnerships with organisations in the Indo-Pacific region to help them achieve their development objectives.

This approach builds on decades of experience that shows that the most effective sustainable development is locally-led and locally-driven.

We are committed to supporting our partner organisations to successfully host Australian volunteers.

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Peter Tutuai member of the Division of Community Development Kokopo Papua New Guinea
Peter Tutuai works with one of the many Government partners to the program, the Division of Community Development in Papua New Guinea
Nurisman (left) with Australian volunteer Bridget during the Weigh the Rubbish campaign to better manage household waste Yogyakarta Indonesia
Nurisman (left) with Australian volunteer Bridget during the Weigh the Rubbish campaign to better manage household waste, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles inform how we work. They are fundamental to delivering our Global Program Strategy.

We value international volunteering as a critical approach to capacity development. We value volunteers who are committed to sustainable development and representing Australia with integrity.

We support locally-led capacity development because effective development is achieved when local communities, organisations and governments drive and own the solutions.

Our volunteers build links and diverse partnerships with individuals, communities and organisations, strengthening Australia’s relationships across our region and globally.

We evolve best practice and embrace innovation through professional, reflective and responsive management. We are committed to continuing to test and pilot new ideas.

We enhance diversity and inclusion, taking a strength and rights-based approach to ensure the program is inclusive and accessible to a broad range of skilled Australians and organisations.

We ensure accountability and value learning. Reflection and learning is promoted across all partners to ensure the program delivers on its development objectives.

The importance of diversity and inclusion

We value diversity and inclusion in the Australian Volunteers Program. This means ensuring diversity amongst the volunteers we send and encouraging inclusive development as a way to protect and promote human rights and support our partner organisations to achieve their development objectives.

We want all Australians to feel they can participate in skilled volunteering, reflecting Australia’s rich diversity and bringing diverse experience, abilities and perspectives to different development problems.

We also focus our development efforts to reach and benefit the most marginalised and vulnerable. This includes persons with disabilities; people who identify as LGBT+; people from different cultural backgrounds; those in remote, regional and rural settings; and people of all ages.

Please contact Paul Deany pdeany@australianvolunteers.com with any questions about diversity and inclusion.


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